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Welcome to our luxurious lodge nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Kisoro, where the essence of nature’s beauty unfolds at every turn. Immerse yourself in an enchanting experience that seamlessly blends breathtaking landscapes with unparalleled hospitality.

As you step into our sanctuary, you’ll be greeted by the enticing aroma of delectable cuisine and the melodious sounds of laughter in our vibrant restaurant and bar. Embark on a culinary journey that tantalizes your taste buds with the finest flavors of the region, carefully crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Our opulent accommodations are thoughtfully designed to provide you with a haven of comfort and tranquility. Each room offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, allowing you to awaken to nature’s breathtaking canvas right outside your window. Relax in exquisitely appointed spaces, where every detail has been carefully curated to ensure your utmost indulgence.

Yet, the wonders of Kisoro extend far beyond the walls of our haven. We take great pride in fostering connections with the local communities and invite you to partake in authentic cultural encounters. Join us on guided excursions to nearby lakes, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions of the people who call this place home.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability and community development sets us apart as a beacon of responsible tourism. By choosing to stay with us, you actively contribute to our initiatives that support local education, empower the community, and preserve the natural wonders that make Kisoro truly extraordinary.

At our exquisite lodge, we invite you to craft your own story—a tale of awe-inspiring landscapes, unforgettable moments, and heartwarming connections. Let us be your gateway to the wonders of Kisoro, where every experience is infused with the allure of the mountains and the graciousness of our refined hospitality. Unveil the epitome of luxury and enchantment, and allow us to elevate your journey to an extraordinary level of elegance and allure.


At Kisoro Lodge, our mission is to create a haven of tranquility and adventure amidst the mesmerizing beauty of the Gorilla Highlands. We are committed to providing an exceptional and immersive experience for every guest, blending luxurious comfort with sustainable practices. Through genuine hospitality, personalized service, and cultural enrichment, we aim to leave a positive impact on our guests, the local community, and the environment.


Our vision is to be a leading eco-luxury lodge in Kisoro, setting new standards for hospitality and conservation. We aspire to be a sought-after destination for travelers seeking a unique and meaningful experience, where they can connect with nature, discover the rich cultural heritage, and contribute to the preservation of the region’s biodiversity. As a responsible steward of the Gorilla Highlands, we envision fostering a harmonious coexistence between tourism and conservation, leaving a lasting legacy of sustainable tourism practices for future generations.

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Delighted staff

At Kisoro Lodge, our exceptional team is the heart and soul of our enchanting haven. Committed to delivering the highest standards of hospitality, our staff embodies warmth, professionalism, and a genuine passion for ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with welcoming smiles and attentive service that sets the tone for your entire experience. Our team members are dedicated to anticipating your every need, providing personalized care that makes you feel like a cherished guest in our home.

Behind the scenes, our skilled chefs work tirelessly to create gastronomic masterpieces that tantalize your taste buds. With a deep appreciation for local flavors and international cuisines, they curate exquisite dishes using the freshest ingredients, making every dining moment a culinary delight.

Our adventure desk team is a treasure trove of knowledge, always eager to guide you on thrilling explorations through Kisoro’s natural wonders. Whether it’s gorilla trekking, volcano hiking, or cultural immersions, they ensure your adventures are seamless, safe, and filled with awe-inspiring moments.

But our staff’s dedication extends far beyond providing exceptional service. At Kisoro Lodge, we foster a close-knit family environment where each team member’s well-being and professional growth are nurtured. Our team’s passion for the region’s rich culture and commitment to sustainable practices make them ambassadors of responsible tourism, ensuring that your stay leaves a positive impact on both the local community and the environment.

At the heart of our lodge lies a team that strives for excellence, driven by the joy of creating unforgettable memories for our guests. Their genuine warmth and dedication infuse every moment of your stay with a touch of magic, transforming your visit into a cherished tale that you’ll carry in your heart long after you leave. It is our privilege to introduce you to our exceptional team, whose genuine care and attention to detail elevate your experience at Kisoro Lodge to an enchanting level of hospitality.

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At Mondi Lodge, your satisfaction is our top priority. We value communication, as we continuously endeavor to enhance and offer the finest experience to our guests.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to Mondi Lodge, where your stay is promised to be truly exceptional. Thank you for considering us for your upcoming getaway!

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